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What is Tahoney?
Tahoney is a spreadable, all-natural blend of tahini (sesame
paste), honey, and a pinch of salt.

What’s it for?
Tahoney is perfect for spreading on toast, crepes or on top
of waffles or pancakes, as an accompaniment for cheese and
charcuterie, for mixing in to smoothies and as a dip for fresh

Who is it for?
Tahoney is for everybody! From a healthy addition to any
kid’s snack to a holiday party spread, Tahoney is perfect for
everyday eating–and makes a wonderful housewarming or
holiday gift!

Who makes Tahoney?
Tahoney was created by Max and Eli Sussman, New York
based chefs and co-founders of Samesa Restaurant and
Catering. Tahoney is made in Brooklyn, New York.

How should I store Tahoney?
Tahoney is a shelf-stable product and does not need to be
refrigerated until after opening.